Red planet wood and resin bowl

By Jason Lock


This bowl is mad from a lovely piece of red mallee burl that is a species of it’s selectors that is native to Australia and a epoxy resin in a style that I have started to get know for. The down side to a resin is air bubbles so it’s is normally cast in a pressure pot that will shrink the air bubbles but with that you are governed by A certain size. So I have come up with a way of pouring the resin with out a pressure pot that has been practised and replicated in previous works. So in this piece I have gone for a planet Mars Theme, but it is not just art but function to so it ca be displayed as big centrepiece or use or Storage As the hollow form is very hard to photograph and is a large bowl I am prepared to set up a zoom meeting so you are able to see it in a better scale so if you would like to do this you can contact me very the phone number or the email address on my contract page