Diversity and

Diversity drives creativity

Cockpit is committed to inclusion, diversity and equity in all our activities, recognising that creativity and innovation are fuelled by diversity.

We foster an inclusive culture where all aspects of diversity are celebrated and seen as key to our – and everyone’s – success and flourishing.

We are committed to building a more diverse community – makers, team, Board, and partners – and creating an environment where anyone, from any background, can develop their talents, do their best work and realise their full potential.

Diversity and inclusion are matters of social justice. We recognise that we live in a society characterised by structural injustices, including systemic racism, ablism and gender inequality.  Tackling systemic barriers as they present in our work requires conscious, committed action.

It is our ambition and intention to embody the highest standards of practice to stimulate, promote and celebrate diversity in our community.


  • Open up access to starting a successful professional career in craft to everyone with talent
  • Actively address structural barriers, including systemic racism, inequality of access to education and training, and socio-economic barriers
  • Promote and celebrate the diversity of the community of makers at Cockpit
  • Continually deepen our learning and evolve our understanding of diversity and inclusion
  • Build a more diverse, inclusive and cohesive community: makers, team, Trustees, partners

To achieve our aims, we produce a detailed plan each year, encompassing all areas of our work.

This takes all of us. Everyone has a role to play.

We endeavour to be honest, brave, transparent in our commitment to diversity and inclusion, to strive for the best.

We know that every organisation and every individual is at a different point in their understanding, knowledge and lived experience.  We are committed to continual learning. We can always evolve and do better – and we are in this for the long haul.

Download and read Cockpit’s Equity, Diversion and Inclusion Action Plan at the link below.

Cockpit is proud to be an accredited London Living Wage Employer.


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