Oak hollow form

By Jason Lock


This sculpture you are looking at is made from a oak burl that is local to Essex and sadly blown down in a storm as I don’t like to work with mast produced timber that has to travel half way around the world, this oak art form you are looking at is just amazing as I have never worked with a piece of oak with a figure and wood grain like this so it’s a very special piece I just hope I have dun a good enough job show natures hard work in making, this piece was turned on a traditional wood lathe with all hand tool, so the process of making this piece is shaping the outside shape then a small hole is drilled into the middle of this so I can slowly remove the wood, I do this for two reasons one of the is to make the piece lighter and the second reason is to keep the wood the same thickness all around and that way if there is any moisture left in the wood it Evaporates equally and doesn’t move but with this piece it was well seasoned before I made it, the piece has been finished in a danish oil so it has all read has a good layer of protection, as I have had trouble trying to show the scale of the piece so I’m sorry for the pictures of me holding it but it show how big the artwork is in person, I hope you enjoy looking at my work any questions feel free to message me