Oak burl platter nest

By Jason Lock


This oak platters are looking at is made from a oak burl that is local to Ipswich and sadly blown down in a storm as I don’t like to work with mast produced timber that has to travel half way around the world, this platter ar all mad from the same piece of oak burl, so to those people that do not know what a burl is they are a rare piece as not all trees have the, the burl starts it life on a tree when a tree suffers some sort of damage like a brunch being cut off or I piece of Metal fixed to the tree so they grow around the damage to protect the tree and they grow bigger as the tree grows this platters where made on a traditional wood lathe and made it traditional hand tools and the first pick you see are them sitting on the wood lathe as I was unable to have them stand in the light box together so the big platter measurement is 17 inches and the medium size platter is 13 inches and the smallest is 9 inches