Blue planet hollow form

By Jason Lock


This hollow form is made from 2 different Spaces of wood and there are horse chestnut burl and a oak burl and all the bits of the wood has been stabilised. Stabilising wood is achieved by putting the wood in a vacuum chamber filled with resin, whereby the vacuum sucks the resin into the wood. The wood is then cured in an oven, which makes the wood go very hard and leaves it with a shiny and glossy finish. Then I have place the wood into a mould and placed them where I thought the would look good then cast them in resin, then it was turned on a traditional wood lathe with traditional hand tools. As the hollow form is very hard to photograph and is a large bowl I am prepared to set up a zoom meeting so you are able to see it in a better scale so if you would like to do this you can contact me very the phone number or the email address on my contract page