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Clothworkers’ Award at Cockpit

About the Clothworkers' Award at Cockpit

An award designed to help up to three graduate weavers each year set up in business. Weavers can be working in any form, for example, making products, creating woven textile art, working with mills and/or making samples for industry.

The Clothworkers Award includes up to two years of business support and subsidised shared studio space at Cockpit Studios Deptford, equipped with Leclerc, Louet, ARM looms and a dye area.

This is a heavily subsidised space in shared weave studio for one year worth up to £4,000 with further support in year two (£2,000).

The successful applicant will supplement this award in first year by paying £1,000 over 12 months and a contribution of £2000 over 12 months is required from the successful Maker in year 2.

The total sum is linked to the cost of the space and support services. Electricity costs, insurance and office service charges will be payable on top and cannot be paid from the Award. 

In the first and second year of the Award you will be placed in our shared Weave Studio.

“Having a Cockpit mentor has been one of the main things that has helped me grow my business. My coach has lots of experience within the textiles industry and she has helped me think about the big picture and work out a plan of action. Having a step-by-step plan has been so helpful as it means everything is put in place properly and I have been able to grow and keep up with it.”

Millie Thomas

Benefits included in the Clothworkers' Award at Cockpit

  • Shared looms and dye area for the duration of the Award, including Leclerc, Louet and electronic ARM looms
  • Studio space for up to two years within the creative community at Cockpit
  • Business support services including one-to-one coaching and business development workshops
  • Selling and promotional opportunities, including two annual Cockpit Open Studios events

Eligibility criteria for the Clothworkers' Award at Cockpit

Applicants must…

  • Have graduated within the last 5 years 
  • Work within the practice of weaving
  • Commit to taking up the Award and developing their practice for the full duration of the Award 
  • Commit to attending our Awardee Induction Day and set of ‘Make It Count’ workshops 
  • Arrange and pay for their own public liability [minimum £5m] and contents insurance prior to the start date
  • Must be currently living in the UK and entitled to remain in the UK for the period of the Award. (Cockpit is not able to sponsor or support visa applications in any way.)

How to apply for the Clothworkers’ Award at Cockpit

To apply please complete the application form.

Awards and bursaries at Cockpit

All awards and bursaries at Cockpit offer studio space, business support and membership of a vibrant craft community, giving makers space and time to develop their profile, grow their business or practice, and increase profitability. In applications, we are looking for individuals who demonstrate entrepreneurial spirit, creative excellence and highly developed craft skills.

About the Clothworkers’ Company

Founded by Royal Charter in 1528, the original purpose of The Clothworkers’ Company was to protect its members and promote the craft of cloth-finishing within the City of London. 

We value our past and traditions, but seek to build upon our heritage and find ways for the Company to have a useful and relevant role in today’s society.

Although few of our present members are involved in the textile industry in any direct way, we continue to support textiles, principally through educational grants, fostering the development of technical textiles and colour science, and support for the nation’s textile heritage.