Women’s Suffrage Earrings

By Sally Lees


Purchase a piece of history and Celebrate Women's Suffrage with these beautiful reversible earrings These hand crafted earrings were created for The Houses of Parliament as part of a collection of jewellery to accompany the launch of 'New Dawn'. 'New Dawn' is a light sculpture created by Mary Branson to celebrate women's suffrage and was installed in Westminster in 2016. Sally was commissioned to make a collection of jewellery inspired by and to accompany 'New Dawn'. Each piece in the collection is made from aluminium decorated with a resist print of an interpretation of the scrolls that the Representation of the People Act is written on. The aluminium is then dyed the colours used by the suffrage organisations. Purple for dignity, white for purity and green for hope. Sally's reversible Women's Suffrage earrings are made from aluminium hand printed and dyed purple on one side and green on the other. These colours are the most widely recognised and were the colours used by the Women's social and Political Union headed by Emmeline Pankhurst. The hookwires are made from silver and the earrings are double sided and can be swopped around to be worn either on the purple or green side or one of each! Size: Disk size is approx 2.3cm in diameter and 5cm in length Gift Box: The earrings come in the same beautiful white gift box that originally accompanied purchases from the launch of 'New Dawn' at the Houses of Parliament shop. Shipping: Free UK delivery. Free shipping to North America & Canada on orders over £40.00 Made in Sally's London studio at Cockpit Arts Due to the hand made nature of this product colours may vary slightly from the photograph shown.