Kemi Ajose

fashion and accessories


Kemi is a knitwear designer based in South East London, after graduating for Central Saint Martins she received the Haberdashers Award. Creating work that tells a story, narrating the significance between material, culture and craft. Taking inspiration from the process of traditional West African craft and translating it into contemporary knitwear.

A great deal of craftmanship goes into the development of her designs, using the body as a blank canvas of self-expression, Incorporating a range of interesting textures, colours and patterns. She is very conscious about the sustainable aspects that go into the development of her designs, sourcing all yarns and materials from deadstock suppliers to create work that is authentic and unique. All her work is handmade and fully fashioned on her hand powered knit machine, resulting in a zero-waste production at her inhouse studio.

Her outcomes are a reflection of her own personal style and aesthetic, that is easily accessible and inclusive.

“I aspire to create avant-garde and uniquely distinctive wearable art, that seamlessly blends into both formal and casual styles.

Kemi Ajose


Kemi's artistic endeavors aim to propel culture forward by presenting a fresh perspective on African fashion. Seeking to illustrate that it can serve as a powerful form of self-expression.

The fulfillment she finds in sharing this journey is rooted in revealing to others that embracing African fashion offers a unique avenue for personal expression, empowering the wearer to play a part in a cultural narrative they may not have previously considered.


  • commissions
  • designing for industry
  • workshops

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