Sally Lees



Sally Lees designs and makes jewellery with inspiration coming from nature with orchids and roses taking center stage.

Aluminium sheet is decorated by hand with delicate, intricately printed floral patterns taken from Sally’s original line drawings then dyed vibrant colours. The printed illustrations retain the charm of Sally's original sketches and the polished aluminium with it's mirror like finishes is reminiscent of Japanese lacquer.

Sally has translated her designs into a luxury men's accessories collection with photo-etched floral drawings filled with gold decorating her cufflinks, collar stays, and money clips.

A commission to create a collection of jewellery to accompany Mary Branson's sculpture 'New Dawn' installed in Westminster in 2016 is for sale at The Houses of Parliament.

Sally is a member of the NAJ, and Craft Central and is featured in 'Anodised!' by Clare Stiles and 'Coloured Aluminium Jewellery' by Lindsey Mann .

  • Carnations Cufflinks by Sally Lees
  • New Dawn suffragette jeellery in silver and aluminium
  • 'New Dawn' round green Scroll inspired drop earrings
“My passion is metal. Manipulating it, photo-etching it, dying and printing onto it to enable me to create beautiful wearable jewellery for women and stylish, contemporary cufflinks for men.

Sally Lees