Sally Lees



Sally Lees' career in designing and making spans over 25 years and in this time she has explored colour through printing and dying aluminium, adding gold to etched silver and now experimenting with vitreous enamels.

She received a grant from the Arts Council in 2020 to expand her enamelling and engraving skills and has created a new collection of vitreous enamelled jewellery which was recently exhibited by the British Society of Enamellers in Wales.

Sally was commissioned by The Houses of Parliament shops in 2016 and again in 2018 to create a collection of jewellery to celebrate women's suffrage.

Sally's aluminium jewelery is featured in various publications including 'Anodised!' by Clare Stiles; 'Coloured Aluminium Jewellery' by Lindsey Mann and Colours and Textures in Jewellery by Bekkie Ora Cheeseman and Nina Gilbey.

Sally is a member of The British Society of Enamellers, The Association for Contemporary Jewellery and The Guild of Enamellers.

  • Vitreous enamell pendant with silver chain
  • New Dawn suffragette jeellery in silver and aluminium
“Creativity is a journey and should be a diverse and exciting one. My journey has been joyful so far and I plan to continue learning new techniques and skills and see where that journey takes me next.”

Sally Lees


Sally's creative journey has been multifaceted with her love of colour driving her design development. Her illustrations adorned her earlier aluminium work and were sometimes delicate and sometimes bold. She made plaques for Camden Council with architectural drawings and brooches for the Transport for London exhibition 'The brooch is back' with drawings of giraffes, penguins and zebras and a collection of birth flower jewellery with delicate floral prints.
She is now concentrating on vitreous enamels and the abstract use of colour experimenting with layers of colour and stoning the surfaces to reveal the layers beneath. These pieces are inspired by the Balearic Islands with their crystaline sea and blonde, ochre and claret sand and rocks.
These pieces are coupled with cascades of silver or gold chain and large and small hammered shapes.


  • commissions
  • workshops

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