Sven Steinmetz

fashion and accessories


Sven weaves seamless garments on the loom. He develops a unique technique which implements forms while weaving which are based on the natural curves of the human body.

Sven’s system diverts from the traditional garment making process. Instead of cutting the pattern out of the textile, he is setting it into the weave. Thereby garment and fabric are created at the same moment.

The simultaneous creation demands a new way of coding the pattern and adapting the loom, while using weave structures to create a surface design. It also allows him to reduce waste during the production and shorten the manufacturing process substantially.

The handwoven seamless garments are often based on measurements of individuals which opens up a new category of tailoring.

With his background in dressmaking and bachelors in fashion Sven started to work on the idea of Form Weaving in early 2018. He was able to refine his work through a masters degree at the Royal College of Art in London until 2021.

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