Catarina Riccabona

homeware and textiles


Catarina Riccabona is a hand-weaver creating unique pieces for high end interiors, mainly throws and more recently wall hangings. “For me the process of hand-weaving is endlessly intriguing and keeps informing and pushing my work. Its slow-paced, contemplative nature and the possibility to make changes spontaneously offer a dimension that goes beyond the mere production of a piece.” This process is key for creating her designs. “When I start a piece, I often don’t know what it will look like finished. I work at the loom in a spontaneous, intuitive manner thereby simultaneously creating and executing ideas. Each piece is a unique arrangement of elements and a new composition.”

“"I enjoy the flexibility and the spontaneous changes that are possible when weaving by hand. My practice is based on environmental values and I am very much inspired by the materials I use."”

Catarina Riccabona

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