Sara Dodd

collectible objects


Sara is an award winning artist with ten years of experience working with porcelain. Often wall based, her work can be mistaken for paper due to the use of wafer thin layers. These are built up and constructed to create her final pieces. Getting the porcelain so thin is a technique Sara has developed by using clay in its liquid form and painting with it.

Inspiration is drawn from Sara’s immediate environment. Whether a passing moment taking in sunlight hitting an object or a more detailed study of the sky setting at dusk. In her own words, ‘It could be a colour combination or a quality of light, I try to keep my eyes open to discover and absorb the things that surround me.’

In 2022 Sara received the Rosalind Stracey Ceramics Award from Cockpit Arts and moved her studio to Deptford in South East London. Her work is exhibited regularly across the UK as well as internationally in Europe, USA and the Middle East.

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