Jo Hayes Ward



A primary focus is harnessing the way that the blocks and their facets reflect the light, as the wearer moves: the cornerstone of its unique, personal aesthetic.

To achieve this, Jo utilises a digital design environment and rapid prototyping (3D printing). Each of her elegant, luxury pieces is then finished by hand, using traditional jewellery techniques.

Another feature are the machine marks left behind by the 3D printing process. Rather than cleaning these off, they are an integral aesthetic of Jo's work. They allow her to explore textured and patterned surfaces, adding an exquisite tonal quality to her work.

A scattering of tiny diamonds sparkle delicately in many pieces, their cuts and colours enhancing the metal structures. While unique precious gems and rosecut diamonds lend a certain type of magic to a range of one-of-a-kind pieces.

The wearability of Jo’s designs is integral: each piece is designed to be worn and adored in equal measure.

  • Jo hayes Ward stacking rings
  • Jo hayes Ward Geocut aquamarine necklace
  • Jo hyaes Ward commitment rings
  • Jo hayes Ward Statement ring
  • Jo Hayes Ward gem set stacking rings
“Jo Hayes Ward designs are uniquely metamorphic; their aesthetic hinting at geological forms. Multiple elements and textures combine to create truly original compositions.”

Jo Hayes Ward

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