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Alice Burnhope is an award-winning textile designer. She graduated with a First Class honors from Loughborough University in 2020 with a specialism in Multi-Media Textiles. In 2016, she was awarded the ‘Sarabande Foundation’ scholarship founded by Lee Alexander McQueen, supporting her throughout her degree.
Alice’s work highlights the importance of the natural world and brings biophilic design into urban interiors by creating tactile wearable art and multi-functional interior products. Alice’s work aspires to offer solutions for humanity’s growing disconnection with the natural world and the prevalence of ‘Nature Deficit Disorder,’ which has become more profound since COVID-19. Alice utilises discarded fabrics, traditional craft and new technologies to address the current imbalance between material use, waste and the effect on the natural environment.
Alice's artwork is currently on sale at the Hayward Gallery, London.

“My aspirations are to co-create with communities to reconnect people to the regenerative experiences of nature through a blend of traditional craft techniques, new technologies and preloved textiles”

Alice Burnhope


  • mending & resizing
  • commissions
  • workshops


  • Winner of Make It 2021

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