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Captivated by the process of working on a loom, Eva decided to specialise in weaving while studying Textile Design at university. After interning at two woven design studios, she felt inspired to start her own business.

Aware of the climate crisis and the damaging effects of the textile industry, Eva had the idea of collecting pre-loved materials and reworking them into a unique woven piece. Vintage and second-hand fabrics are meaningful to use in weaving as they hold memories and associations from the past. Fabrics such as a jazzy 1980s shirt or 1970s corduroy curtain can give such a fun, distinct character to a finished woven piece.

Eva's products include unique wall hangings, woven brooches for customising clothing, and tassel earrings crafted with fabric remnants from the weaving process.

She now teaches beginners weaving workshops. Drop her an email for all the details and to book a day.

“My inspiration comes from the pre-loved fabrics that I find in antique and second-hand shops. Using my loom I weave fragments of these upcycled materials into abstract patterns and structures. ”

Eva the Weaver


The spontaneous process of collecting vintage fabric remnants is what leads Eva’s design process. She works out combinations of colours and textures for an eye-catching design, before cutting the materials into vivid ribbons to use as weaving wefts.
The yarn that is used is all secondhand, surplus stock sourced from other makers.

The lengthy process of weaving on a loom requires a large amount of patience. It can take up to two days just to get the loom ready for work, making sure the threads are all at the right tension for weaving.
Eva uses an 8-shaft don porritt loom, which is powered by hand and her own energy!


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  • Winner of Make It Award

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