Phoebe English

fashion and accessories


The Phoebe English Studio was founded in 2011 and designed clothing in line with our planetary boundaries in mind.

The studio has dual roots in textile craftsmanship and reduced environmental impact: aiming to develop ways of working with design, and its surrounding systems, that align within the realities of our planetary limitations. A personal narrative runs throughout the work within the studio's established aesthetics of both the decorative and the utilitarian.

The studio uses a circular design approach to create high quality, sustainable clothing with the planet’s finite resources in mind. Each collection we make is in response to global heating, climate breakdown, Earth systems collapse, and biodiversity loss: which the global fashion and textile sector has been a huge contributor to.


As a slow fashion brand we use the making of each collection as an act to explore and trial sustainable circularity, inventing less extractive fashion systems that can fit within a new and more circular economy.

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