Luciana Bohm

collectible objects


Luciana Böhm is a maker of delicate objects and sculptures. She uses materials-driven process inspired by the gentle forms, colours and textures of nature and her homeland Brazil.

Drawing inspiration from a Japanese fusion technique called Mokume-gane, her practice revolves around research and experimentation with metal fusion and forging.

Luciana Böhm was born in Brazil but lives and works in London. She completed her training in Historic Metalwork Practices at West Dean College Arts and Conservation in 2019.


Using white and red metals, she fuses wires and strips of different metals creating a different type of pattern for each new sheet. Then one by one, the new sheets of mixed metals are rolled and forged separately to create organic three-dimension shapes and vessels.

Her main series is called ‘Hybrid’. The leaf-like sculptures are made with a technique called fold forming. This very specific forging technique enables this very fragile material to scale up or down in a very unique way.

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