Malaika Carr



Chalk is the creation of Malaika Carr, a jewellery designer and architect, who fuses her skills to create statement, handmade jewellery. Malaika takes inspiration from the cityscapes surrounding her, conceiving and reimagining intricate detail.

Malaika established her jewellery line while studying architecture at the university of Westminster. Here she made numerous intricate models using the laser cutting machine; she started to use the same process to make her own jewellery which later became the label.

Combining walnut, acrylic, brass and formica, Malaika’s designs are brought to life in a unique and inspiring way to devise dramatic, geometric, wearable pieces. Malaika’s absence of jewellery training has led her to use different techniques to traditional ones. This has, however, been to her advantage as she is continually experimenting with new ideas and materials.

“I design and make eclectic jewellery inspired by architecture and bold cultural patterns. Through my collections I try to take my audience on a journey, conveying my experiences and influences.”

Malaika Carr

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