Jesse Noy

fashion and accessories


Jesse Noy is a product developer and leatherworker based in London. Exploring leather and the construction process through her brand [NOYAU]

[NOYAU] is a bespoke leather accessories collection /// developing and building simplistic products by hand using traditional and modern saddlery techniques. Showcasing a collection of handmade leather goods for your body, your work/travel life and for your home.

Handpicking leathers throughout the UK & Europe gives [NOYAU] as a brand the ability to not only develop a core line but create limited ranges and one-off pieces. [NOYAU] has a strong ethos to maximise the use of the skins selected, wasting little and working with all defects. Scars & branding on the skins are a key detail in the products and more importantly the animals origin.


    • Winner of Leathersellers’ Award 2018