Spotlight on Alicia Rowbotham


A textile designer specialising in woven works made from industrial textile waste materials, Alicia Rowbotham is driven by the idea of reimagining established and traditional craft methods in a contemporary way, with a focus on sustainable and responsible design.

Graduating from Central Saint Martins with a specialist degree in woven textiles in 2019, Alicia’s practice aims to emphasise and encourage collaboration between manufacturers and designers to harness the potential of textile mill waste and utilise this resource for the benefit of both the industry and the designer.

What difference has the Cockpit / Clothworkers’ Company Award made to you, your practice, and your business over the last year?
Being on the Award has allowed me to use looms I would not have access to otherwise, as well as having the space to expand the scale of my work. Working with others in a communal studio space has been an integral part of the Award so far. We all gain so much from working together in the studio and being able to discuss ideas and plans with one another.

Which activities during the Award year have been the most valuable to you and why?
It was great to get the opportunity to exhibit at the Summer Festival. I was not selling product directly, but the event allowed me to meet potential customers and grow my network both within Cockpit and beyond.

How has being at Cockpit affected the profile of your business?
It has been helpful to be associated with Cockpit and the London Creative Network on my Instagram and website. Cockpit has added a layer of credibility to my brand identity and practice so far and has been a great way to enter the industry as a new designer.

What has being at Cockpit enabled you to achieve that you would not have without it?
Having access to the looms and the space has been crucial in the development of my practice. I would be practising textiles in a vastly different way if I were not at Cockpit, I am sure. It has been an amazing way to start my business and aim for my own space and equipment once the Award is over.

What are you looking forward to most in the coming 12 months?
I am looking forward to continuing to use the studio, to create more work and refine my practice after a successful first year.

The Clothworkers’ Award at Cockpit

Alicia is currently on the Clothworkers’ Award at Cockpit. The Clothworkers’ Award at Cockpit is designed to help three graduate weavers each year set up in business. Weavers can be working in any form, for example, making products, creating woven textile art, working with mills and/or making samples for industry. The Award is currently open for applications, find out more and apply here