New exhibitors this winter


We’re always delighted to welcome new makers to Cockpit. We love to see them flourish and, at the same time, contribute so many new and exciting ideas to our established and supportive community.

This year’s Cockpit Makers’ Market – our annual Winter Open Studios event – will see thirteen new makers take part for the very first time.

Exhibiting as clothworkers, basketmakers, haberdashers, jewellers – and so much more – we cannot wait to introduce you to: Ashley Knight, Fadhel Mourali, Peipei Wang, Patrizia Sascor, Daisy Tempest, Mike Groves, Anna Stefanou, Hannah Cawley, Katy Watt, Kamilah Ahmed, Aniela Fidler Wieruszewska, Cat Hart and Rachel Jones.

In the second of three articles with our newest Cockpit makers, it’s the turn of Anna Stefanou, Patrizia Sascor, Kamilah Ahmed and Aniela Fidler Wieruszewska to tell us what excites them most about the future of craft.


Anna Stefanou – Milliner

“As more and more people are disillusioned with fast fashion and throw away culture, there is an increased appreciation and demand for artisanal, ethically made wares with consumers demanding transparency and provenance of materials and labour. This shift in priorities means there is a larger and wider audience for craft than ever before, and that craft may be leading the way in more sustainable practices throughout the fashion industry.”


Patrizia Sascor – Basketmaker, pictured above

“These are exciting times as people are re-discussing the very pillars of our Western living style. Almost everyone has experimented during the last months, [enjoying] the exhilarating effects of making, from bread to mending to weaving… I think this is a non-reversible process. My part is to keep basketry heritage crafts alive, infusing those skills in objects that match a contemporary sensitivity.”

Kamilah Ahmed – Embroidery designer

“In my work I am constantly looking back at heritage techniques in order to look forward, combining hand and machine methods to rethink traditional embroidery processes and allow new ideas to be explored. Working in an increasingly interdisciplinary and collaborative manner facilitates knowledge exchange and new, more considered approaches to embroidery development and its potential applications.”

Aniela Fidler Wieruszewska – Fashion designer
“For me, craft and making is a space for dreaming and planning in the everchanging world. My work is speculative, and I use craft to explore relationships existing in the matter. I research value-adding approaches to sustainable design and ways in which narratives can increase the appreciation and longevity of stuff. And craft, with its intrinsic value achieved through skill and time, is a perfect way to bring attention to new ideas and ways of doing things. Craft is social when learned and shared and can connect people. Simply, elaborately crafted objects attract people and can open up new interesting conversations about our collective future.”

And what can we expect to see from these four talented makers at this year’s Cockpit Makers’ Market?

Anna creates distinctive headpieces using traditional millinery techniques with a modern aesthetic: “I will be showcasing a capsule collection of autumn/winter hats and headpieces that will be for sale, made to order, as well as pieces from my graduate collection. I am happy to discuss special commissions as well.”

Always a creative and curious person, Patrizia tells us: “I will show a few contemporary sculptural pieces but also traditional English baskets, such as shoppers and square work to organize the home. I will accept commissions and sell what I have available.”

Kamilah is inspired by the ability of traditional making techniques to tell personal narratives and connect communities and cultures through craft: “I will be showcasing my hand and digital embroidery samples and am happy to discuss commissions, bespoke orders and possible collaborations. [I’ll also be] displaying the hand and digital embroidery design and development sampling process from my studio.”

“At this year’s Cockpit Makers’ Market, I will be showing Community Couture.” Aniela continues enthusiastically: “It won’t be available for sale, but visitors will be able to put their names on the waiting list for the garment rental!”

You can meet Anna, Patrizia, Kamilah, Aniela and all Cockpit’s makers in Holborn from 26 – 28 November and in Deptford, 3 – 5 December.

All tickets and visiting information here.