New makers at Cockpit Summer Festival in Bloomsbury


Yet again, there are lots of new makers for you to meet at our Summer Festival. At the first weekend in Bloomsbury – 10 – 12 June, we’re delighted to introduce…

Lulu Harrison is a self-taught glass artist, specialising in glass alchemy. She is in her final year of her MA at Central Saint Martins, studying Material Futures. Inspired by ancient glass making processes and techniques, she has been creating unique batch recipes from local and waste materials.

Bloomsbury Studio E16.

Kim Sutherland is a maker who combines metalwork with material research in the creation of inscribed works – wall-based meditations in metal – inspired by historical ornament and sacred artefact.

Bloomsbury Studio E2.

Jacky Oliver creates work for exhibitions, commissions and residencies. Each project is completely unique, drawing from a range of metalwork techniques and processes. The scale of her pieces ranges from small hand held objects to installations and large scale architectural pieces.

“My work brings together my love of extensive research into a new
subject, exploring ideas and my passion for the hands-on manipulation
of metal.”

Bloomsbury Studio E2G.


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Giuseppe Savoca is a contemporary fashion designer and craftsman.

With SAVOCA, Giuseppe incorporates the traditions of the countries that make up his multicultural background – Italy, Switzerland and the United Kingdom – into his modern couture headwear collections. Techniques used by different craftsmen such as tailors, milliners, fashion designers and embroiders, are blended to create unique designs – reviving the elegance of period design, with a modern touch.

Bloomsbury Studio E2P.