Naturally Dyed Silk Scarf – Columbia Road

By Ellen Mae Williams


Naturally dyed and hand-painted with ink, this twill silk square scarf has been inspired by gestures within nature and the colours of spring. Each scarf in this small spring drop has been named after the little corner of east London I frequent. ‘Columbia Road’ is a dusty pink silk with lilac ink brushstrokes, forest green, fuchsia and orange details, named after the flower market, evoking the colourful blooms for sale every Sunday. Material: 100% lightweight Twill Silk dyed with natural, sustainable dyes using traditional and sustainable textile techniques. Care: Hand wash gently in cold water using a pH neutral detergent. Please keep away from direct sunlight and iron on a medium heat. Do not tumble dry or bleach. Please take care as silk is a delicate material. Please note that each scarf is completely individual, there will be variations in colour and patterns due to the natural dyeing and painting process, making each scarf unique and one of a kind. Size: 47 x 47 cm For tying at the neck, hair or tucking in a pocket or tied around a bag, an accessory for summer.