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The Dyers’ Company Award at Cockpit


About the Dyers' Company Award at Cockpit

This one-year award is for a Maker that uses dyes or colourants in the course of their work, this may be at any stage in the process. The award will help the successful awardee by providing the space and time to develop their business, gain confidence and develop their profile. We are looking for applicants who can demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit as well as show creative excellence and craft skill.

The Dyers’ Company Award at Cockpit offers one year of business support and subsidised studio space at Cockpit.


  • Studio space for one year within the creative community at Cockpit
  • Business support services including one-to-one coaching and business development workshops
  • Selling and promotional opportunities, including two annual Cockpit Open Studios events


This is a heavily subsidised space in shared studio for one year worth up to £6,000. (The successful applicant will supplement this in first year by paying £500 over 12 months.) The total is linked to the cost of the space and support services. Electricity costs, insurance and office service charges are payable on top and cannot be paid from the Award. The studio space allocated is at Cockpit’s discretion. Please note that most studios are shared, and sizes vary but an average studio space per maker is around 100-150sq ft.

Eligibility criteria for the Dyers' Award at Cockpit

Applicants must:

  • Use dyes or colourants in the course of their work, this may be at any stage of the process
  • Commit to taking up the Award and developing their practice for the full duration of the Award
  • Commit to attending our Induction Day and full set of Make It Count business training workshops
  • Arrange and pay for their own public liability insurance [minimum £5m] and contents insurance prior to the start date
  • Be currently living in the UK and entitled to remain in the UK for the period of the Award. (Cockpit is unable to sponsor or support visa applications.)

How to apply

Please complete the application form.

About The Dyers' Company

The Wardens and Commonalty of the Mistery of Dyers of the City of London (known as The Dyers’ Company) is one of the ancient Livery Companies of the City of London.

The Company has encouraged and supported the Craft of dyeing since the 12th century; its present day activities centre on the continuing development of colour science and the use of colour in textile design through strong educational connections. Promoting the use of colour across the many different fields of human activity, the Company’s long term aim is to attract new talent into the commercial and academic sectors, and to support the continuing quest for excellence among industry practitioners.

Awards and bursaries at Cockpit

All awards and bursaries at Cockpit include studio space, business support and membership of a vibrant craft community, giving successful makers the space and time to develop their profile, grow their business or practice, and increase profitability. In applications, we are looking for individuals who demonstrate entrepreneurial spirit, creative excellence and highly developed craft skills.

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