Cockpit recognised on the NatWest Pioneers Post SE100


Building back better, bouncing back bigger: the latest NatWest SE100 Index – an annual listing of the UK’s top 100 social enterprises – reveals growth in turnover, profit and impact.

We made it again! For the fourth year running, Cockpit has been recognised on the NatWest Pioneers Post SE100 – the index of the UK’s 100 top-performing social enterprises.

“This is well-deserved recognition of our hard-working, generous hearted staff team and Board of Trustees. My heartfelt, heartful thanks to all of them.”

Annie Warburton, Cockpit CEO.

And we’re in exceptional company. Read the full list here.

Social enterprises are a difficult bunch to categorise. The NatWest SE100 Index, revealed last week, encompasses makers of underwear, tea, jewellery and upcycled furniture. It includes providers of diverse services – from dental care to music therapy to open-access academic publishing. And it features many organisations set up to help other social ventures, for example to access finance, find new clients or develop skills.

Taken together though, these 100 social enterprises – selected by the judges on a range of criteria including business sustainability, innovation and social impact – tell one fairly convincing story of growth and optimism.

“In times of uncertainty, including more economic discomfort ahead, it would be understandable – perhaps sensible too – for any organisation to focus on their core business aims. But social entrepreneurs are a stubborn breed: not only do they want to do better in terms of their profitability and impact, they also want to be better in terms of the way they operate and the values that they stand for.”

Tim West, founding editor of Pioneers Post.