Frances Wadsworth Jones



Frances Wadsworth Jones founded her eponymous jewellery label in 2008 after graduating from London's prestigious Royal College of Art and has since made a name for herself with her playfully conceptual and quietly provocative style.

Her collections reveal a range of inspirations that are as eccentric as they are eclectic – from the surreal minutiae of nature rendered in 18 karat gold, to pearl necklaces as portraiture. Preciousness, humour and an exceptional eye for detail combine to define the award winning designer’s unpredictable yet unmistakable aesthetic.

All collections are designed and hand crafted in Frances’ London studio with a commitment to quality and originality - each exquisitely intricate piece an attempt to turn expectations upside down.

“"I love to discover humour in the serious world of Fine Jewellery."”

Frances Wadsworth Jones

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