Alexander Hammond


Multi disciplinary artist- restoration and conservation of objects and sculptures large and small. Versatile approach to most materials , metals; bronze, silver &gold to stones;marble, blue john to natural materials :ivory tortoiseshell, many woods.
Enjoy taking on often challenging and often impossible tasks from objects around the world and have a keen interest into curiosity objects.
Trained under the umbrella of Burghley house amongst master conservationist and restorers.
Achieved a BA diploma in jewellery in silver and goldsmithing and art history.

    “I approach each object in and individual way, understanding many materials and techniques old and new gives me a flexibility to my restoring approach. ”

    Alexander Hammond


    Each object is meticulously finished with a flair not just to restore and conserve but with an artistic eye. I truest believe to restore well you have to understand the original makers hand.


    • restoration

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