Secret Postcard Sale – online opportunity to donate


Online opportunity to buy a Secret Postcard and donate to our summer fundraiser.

For those of you who weren’t able to join us – or you ran out of time shopping with our makers –  we are offering you the chance to buy from our final Secret Postcard Sale remotely.

In addition to being a chance to get your hands on a one-off original stunning artwork, this is an important fundraiser for Cockpit, helping us to support our amazing community of 163 makers.

As before, you’ll make your £50 donation but you won’t know which one you will receive until it arrives in the post in July.

If you would like to donate to our great cause and purchase a postcard, simply follow the link below…

Buy a Postcard online now

Cockpit helps makers build careers. With your support, we can empower the next generation.

Setting out on a creative career is brave. No matter how talented you are, it takes time to build a business, and it takes guts to set up on your own. Soaring costs mean creative careers risk being open only to those already privileged.

That’s where Cockpit steps in. Every year, Cockpit raises £200,000 to help talented young people in the fragile early stages of business. The benefits are tangible and the results are real.

Donate now to make a difference for the most exciting new voices in craft.