February’s new makers


We have four new makers joining our studios in February and all of them recipients of our supported Awards.

In Deptford, we’re welcoming Carl Fox of Paulo Vulpes Atelier, who’s our 2022 Leathersellers’ Award recipient. We asked Carl what his Vulpes brand is all about: “After discovering leathercraft by chance, I totally fell in love with the material and processes of working with leather. I launched my business in 2021 and am currently focusing on small leather goods and accessories, however I have recently been developing ideas to move on to making larger items such as bags and satchels.” Sharing more about his vision, Carl tells us: “At the core of my brand is the process of recovering materials that have been forgotten, whether this be through overproduction or that they have fallen into disrepair, and bringing them back into the marketplace. I feel very strongly that there are an abundance of amazing resources already available, and by searching these out we can reduce the impact of creating more unnecessary materials.
Over the next five years I would love to take this further.”

Being recognised by Cockpit and the Leathersellers’ is a big deal for Carl: “I feel this award will make such a difference in the trajectory of my business plan. The workshops and help with business development will be a fundamental part of taking Paulo Vulpes Atelier to the next level. Alongside the sense of community that I’m sure you get from being in the studios, to be recognised as having the Leathersellers’ Award for 2022 makes me very proud.”

Also to be based in Cockpit Deptford, is Anne Lykke Nielsen Kudsk – this year’s recipient of the Rosalind Stracey Ceramics Award. Born in Denmark, Anne Lykke holds a BA in ceramics from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (2014) and a MA of ceramics from the Royal College of Art (2019). Anne Lykke’s practice springs from her deep interest in human behaviour, spirituality and psychology, human beings and the stories of their lives, the history of humanity and its development and habitation on this planet. She works within the realms of figurative, surrealism and symbolism to create narratives that opens a window to the unseen worlds of the human being.

Explaining her aims, Anne Lykke tells us: “My vision for my artistic path is to continue to grow and evolve as an ceramic artist. I want to push my own boundaries for what I can make. I want to evolve in my language as well, part of that is challenging my self by for  doing this residency.”

And what this Award means to Anne Lykke: “The difference winning this award makes for me is a life changing one. It would allow me to focus more intensely on my work in a creative environment. Further more, the kiln that I will gain access to will help me scale up my work – something I been wanting to do.”

The third maker joining us in Deptford is Ellen Williams – our 2022 Harriet’s Trust Awardee. Ellen explains: “I am a textile maker, interested in natural dyes. Since completing a Masters in Textiles at the Royal College of Art in 2019, I have been producing hand-dyed and hand-painted linen fabrics, using sustainable and traditional textile methods for interiors. My practice combines textiles with mark making, each piece is an abstract interpretation of the natural world, inspired by the changing seasons of a landscape, looking at colour, texture and composition.”

Ellen continues: “My vision for the future is to be in a position where I am making my textiles full time and making a living from this. To have a studio space that has all the facilities and equipment in place to work, a designated area for all my inspiration and the supplies I need for my practice. My ambition is to have time, space, and the financial means to work on a variety of different projects; all with the same ethos that I practice today, showcasing a slower, sustainable circular process to produce work that is in harmony with the natural world. This award and the access to a dedicated space at Cockpit Arts, as well as business support will be invaluable to my future career.”

At Cockpit Bloomsbury, Kim Sutherland has collected the keys for her studio as our Arts Society GLA Award recipient. Kim is a maker who combines metalwork with material research to create finely crafted work – meditative wall pieces – inspired by historical ornament and sacred artefacts. Her practice straddles the disciplines of metalwork, drawing and printmaking and work quite often sits on the line between two and three dimensions.

Kim has a strong 5 year plan: “In the next 5 years I will have completed my PhD and will be working full time in a creative practice that has been informed and driven forward by my research findings. I will be delivering lectures and running workshops. My practice will be flourishing and fully financially sustainable and my body of work will be focused on four main strands of one-off pieces for collectors and galleries, building an engaging online presence for a national and international audience, affordable limited edition works, collections for interiors and some creative collaborations.”

Explaining what being at Cockpit means, Kim says: ” The tailored business support will enable me to gain a greater clarity and insight into my business and help me to drive it forward. I see this as an opportunity to undertake a deeper examination of my practice and identify new markets and ways to make my work more accessible, saleable and profitable. This has come at the right time for me. It feels like the perfect next step, building on the momentum that has been  in my practice over the last eighteen months.”


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Images from top: Kim Sutherland, Paulo Vulpes Atelier, Anne Lykke Nielsen Kudsk, Kim Sutherland.