The High Street II – Limited Edition Screen-print

By Kethi Copeland


Created from Kethi's detailed hand drawings of London's streets. This print is part of a collection of artworks that focuses on high streets as an indicator of change in a rapidly transforming city. Kethi Copeland’s detailed drawings of London’s shopfronts draw you in with their curious wares and diverse architectural styles creating an intriguing streetscape. Using the craft of silk screen-printing, Kethi builds up the image through multiple layers of print. 'The High Street II' features 6 layers of screen-printed colour, printed by hand in Kethi's London studio. Hand printing the edition is central to how the final image takes shape, with the colours being chosen through a process of colour mixing and making test prints until a final combination and balance of colours is found. In these prints she pushes the level of detail that can be achieved with screen print, achieving exceptional registration and extremely fine lines. Limited edition This edition contains just 50 prints, All Prints are signed and numbered on the front.. Un-framed prints are 42 cm x 29.7 cm (A3) printed on white acid free paper 300gsm. This print fits standard frame sizes. An acid free backing board and artist statement is included