Up-cycle, Customise and Repair Workshop with Textiles Artist Alice Burnhope

11.03.2023, 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

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11:00 am - 2:00 pm

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Alice Burnhope


The Lab E20 East Park Walk London E20 1JB

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Event description

Explore up-cycling, customisation and repair through 10 stitch techniques. Join Alice to learn how using embroidery, appliqué and darning techniques we can breathe new life into items we’d otherwise discard.

Refreshments will be provided as well as a free issue of Hole & Corner.

‘Three out of five fast fashion items end up in a landfill’ (Clean Clothes Campaign, 2019). According to ‘Waste ‘n’ Away’ sources state landfill space is running out, at current rates Britain has less than seven years worth of space left in landfills sites.

Our current fast fashion habits are both a financial disadvantage for the individual, as well as an environmental disaster for both the plant and people. Therefore by investing in our current clothes, building stories and attachments can we reverse this current climatic trajectory.

What you will learn

10 stitch techniques that can be used to repair, upcyle and customise items and bring new life to them.

The workshop will use up-cycled fabrics and participants are invited to bring their own pieces in need of love or repair. Additionally, you will be provided a linen napkin to embroider and PDF sheets of all the techniques.

About Alice Burnhope

Alice Burnhope is an award-winning textile artist, specialising in user experience, socially-engaged artwork and sustainist design. She utilises discarded fabrics to address the current imbalance between material use, waste and the effect on the natural environment.

Alice was selected for ‘Make It at Cockpit Arts 2021’ and is based at Cockpit Studios, Deptford, London. During her artist residency at Cockpit, Alice has been developing her creative practice through the support of the following grants: Arts Council ‘Developing Your Creative Practice’ Grant; A-N Artists Bursaries 2021: ‘Time Space Money’ Grant and Loughborough University Founders’ Grant.

Alice facilitates a host of creative textile workshops, including embroidery and natural dye workshops. Additionally, she is an artist educator, working with Royal Maritime Museums and local schools in Deptford, supporting and inspiring young students and families with their creative ambitions.


About Hole & Corner

Hole & Corner is celebrating it’s 10th year as a lifestyle brand celebrating and promoting creativity, craftsmanship, heritage and authenticity through digital, print and events. The name is inspired by an old English phrase:

‘Hole-and-Corner: adj, a secret place or a life lived away from the mainstream’

It is about people who spend more time doing than talking, for whom content is more important than style; whose work is their life. It’s about telling stories of dedication.

Hole & Corner magazine is published biannually, dedicated to stories of craft, beauty, passion and skill. It is distributed internationally, with stockists including Do You Read Me?! in Berlin, Athenaeum Niewscentrum in Amsterdam and 300 Barnes & Noble stores in the US.


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