Linear Expression at Gallery 57

02.04.2022 - 25.06.2022

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02.04.2022 - 25.06.2022


Jacky Oliver


57 Tarrant Street Arundel West Sussex BN18 9DJ

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Event description

Gallery 57’s exhibition Linear Expression looks at how a line is expressed through abstract drawing, mono print, stacked paper construction, steel sculpture, wood and ceramic, featuring 15 makers.

With juxtapositions of angular and curved, hard and soft, movement and stillness, pattern and plain, ‘Linear expression’ presents a beautifully serene exhibition.

Creating the work for ‘Linear expression’ has allowed Jacky to refine forms considered in earlier projects, but this time with the freedom to explore the way the multiple components interact with each other extensively. Using steel wire, Jacky silver solder the joints, making use of the skills Jacky learnt when studying jewellery. She aims to create pieces that are well made, celebrating the fact they are handmade, not created by a machine.

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