Hot Water for Tea

26.05.2024 - 28.07.2024

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26.05.2024 - 28.07.2024


Matthew Warner


Make Hauser + Wirth Somerset, 13 High St, Bruton BA10 0AB

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Event description

Hot Water for Tea celebrates the form and function of vessels that are central to the universal enjoyment of quotidian, domestic ritual. The exhibition also draws focus to the table, a place of gathering and community — the convivial heart of the home.

Wood artist Craig Bamford’s generous table in walnut is the centerpiece, embodying the traditions of the handmade with an inherent sensitivity to the organic properties of his material. The domestic ware on view presents four distinct approaches: Florian Gadsby’s wheel thrown, highly refined stoneware teapots, bowls and mugs with their fractured, crystalline glazes; Akiko Hirai’s ‘Kohiki’ tea and tableware, a fusion of Japanese and British craft techniques; Samuel Chatto’s delicate explorations of the celadon glaze tradition; and Matthew Warner’s elegantly formed teapots and cups taking inspiration from 18th-century pottery and porcelain.

‘Pots fascinate me because they embody and articulate so much information about society and culture. They are relics or signals of taste, social behaviour and cultural history. Their forms are incredibly diverse and at the same time carry a universal understanding. These everyday objects span social divides and convey very concentrated messages about their environment.’ — Matthew Warner

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