Sarah Warsop



Sarah is a jeweller, painter and mark-maker. She danced professionally for over 25 years with Rambert Dance company and Siobhan Davies Dance before completing an MA at St Martins in Jewellery. She now works on capturing movement and music in metal and on paper.

Sarah was made Jeweller in Residence at the British Library and is a Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust scholar. She has shown her drawings, paintings and jewellery in gallery exhibitions and fairs, and her work has been supported by Arts Council England.

“I capture the vitality and memory of sound and movement in metal and on paper.”

Sarah Warsop


Using a dynamic drawing process, she captures the essence of the movement and sound onto paper, and from these drawings and paintings she forges directly into precious metals to maintain a sense of rhythm, direction, speed and flow within the final piece.

Sarah works to hold particular movement and sound qualities within her objects and paintings, arresting time to take a closer look at the intricacies of dance and music, usually so fleeting.


  • commissions
  • workshops

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