Ruby Taglight



Ruby trained in Fine Art, and is a qualified gemmologist. She creates sculptural art jewellery and objects, using ethically sourced gemstones and recycled metals. She has shown work in multiple exhibitions across the country, and, in 2023, was awarded "Jewellery Designer of the Year" by Stephen Webster, for her exhibition at New Designers Selects.


Ruby Taglight LDN retells overlooked snippets of history. Each detail is hand carved out of wax, and cast into recycled metal. Through the process of lost wax casting, the stories physically regain a permanence in metal form. Often, embellishment is dismissed as just that; having no productive function past the aesthetic. As we move to a technological world, Ruby looks to the possibility that we are becoming the ornament, and, through finding the beauty in the decorative, creates jewellery that celebrates the narratives that adorn our past. It is Ruby’s aim that her pieces are explored with the same curiosity one would a historical artefact.

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