Maria Hatling

collectible objects


I love experimenting with different colour combinations and find exhilarating that not two individuals have the exact same colour taste, that our personal colour preference is shaped by who we are, where we have been and what we have experienced. I was born in South Korea, adopted to Norway where I lived until my early twenties before settling in London the city that’s been my home for the past fifteen years or so. My personal colour preference is informed by many sources, but l always carry the colours of the sky, the beach and the mountain where I grew up with me. My childhood in Norway has given me my base palette, my love for all shades of blues, browns and greens. These are colours I always come back to. To add to this I collect colour stories wherever I go. I collect these stories on my way to the studio, going back to Norway and on travels. These fragmented colours combinations collected as photos acts as catalysts for the more extensive colour work I undertaken in my studio.

“I believe colour communicates emotion, creates mood and speaks directly to the soul. My current body of work is informed by the way we as human beings relate and interact with each other.”

Maria Hatling

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