Kendall Clarke

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Kendall makes two- and three-dimensional textiles for exhibition and installation. Her work is concept-led and driven by experimentation with materials. It is characterized by fineness and detail. She uses painting, mark-making, erasure and other techniques during the process of weaving to produce structurally-complex multi-layered pieces.

She is fascinated by written as well as visual language, particularly ancient scripts and gestural marks.

  • Monochrome textile entitled The Low City by Kendall Clarke
“My work is informed by a subtle aesthetic, influenced by the simple beauty of Japanese crafts. ”

Kendall Clarke


Kendall’s work is driven by materials exploration. She often uses the making process to subvert the inherent properties of her materials, creating translucent constructions from metallic yarns, or stiff, papery surfaces from soft cotton. She has a particular interest in paper threads. Much of her recent work has used a subdued palette to explore written relics and extinct languages, but she also develops her own unique colours from natural sources.


  • commissions


  • Winner of Arts Society Bursary 2019