Karen Henriksen

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Karen Henriksen has built an international reputation for her singularly stylish interpretations of classic hat styles for women and men. She brings a milliner’s aesthetic and craftsmanship to everyday headwear, striking a carefully considered balance between elegance, innovation and practicality.
Her sculptural couture creations are similarly striking, combining traditional and vintage millinery materials and classic techniques with a fresh, contemporary aesthetic.
Karen has recently launched an exciting new range of work. Couture for the home, these diaphanous handmade lightshades are made using millinery materials and techniques. Just like a couture hat, each piece exudes elegance, charm and a quiet drama. When sleeping they are pieces of sculpture in their own right. When illuminated they provide a gentle ambience, or can create dramatic, kaleidoscopic contrasts.

“Creative design, innovation and the craft of millinery are at the heart of every design, made to be loved everyday.”

Karen Henriksen


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