Jessie White

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Jess is an artist from Scotland, living and working in London. Her work has always been driven by the desire to tell stories through the exploration of new materials, processes, and craft techniques. Jess studied fashion design in Scotland and then did a masters in fashion artefact at London college of fashion.

Jess is a meticulous and skilled maker with eight years of experience working in design studios in London; specialising in luxury leather interiors and restoration. She is detail oriented and cares about the process, the product and the customer. Jess works on interior projects, furniture and commissions alongside making new work and regularly collaborates with other artists to produce mixed media projects which can be seen in galleries and exhibitions countrywide. She enjoys the process and outcomes of working closely with other artists. Jess loves teaching and passing on her skills and is always keen to be involved in the community.


Natural materials are important to Jess and her work and she strives to maintain a minimal impact on the environment and ensure the shortest possible journey from source to studio. She uses off-cuts on smaller projects and for development pieces, to minimise waste.

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