Isabel Castro Jung

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Isabel Castro Jung is a sculptor and performance artist. Her work explores the meaning of conditions, developing pieces and narratives around migration, heritage, gender and its influence on identity and belonging. Mixing materials like textiles, rubber and ceramics, as well as repurposing and recycling garments and other objects, she makes performable sculptures, transforming the performer into a hybrid being in a temporary shelter.

Art is transcendent and magic to her. She creates transformational rituals using the body and her sculptures as vehicles of experiencing and learning. This allows her to respond to emotional, intellectual and spiritual questions and challenge the audience's views on these matters. Castro Jung’s work is bold, unconventional and has a strong visual presence, withholding poetry and beauty.

Her most recent achievements are the Newby Trust Award at Cockpit (2024), Arts Council England National Lottery Project Grant 2023 and the Sarabande Foundation Studio.


A maker at heart, she works broadly with textile, ceramics, modelling and casting. She also uses recycling and up cycling in her work.
The wearable and performative sculptures are material assemblages, skilfully put together, with attention to detail and durability.

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