Hannah Bedford



Hannah skilfully combines the ancient art of granulation with design innovation for a contemporary signature look. Influenced by organic growth and the ever-changing movement of water, Hannah cultivates new ways to embellish her pieces with delicate droplets of gold. Contrasting precious metals add tone and richness to Hannah’s aesthetic.

Each piece is meticulously handcrafted in her studio, where Hannah also works with clients to create beautiful bespoke designs. With a focus on sustainable and ethical materials Hannah offers Fairtrade, Fairmined and recycled precious metal options as well as certified ethical diamonds and gems. A tree is planted for every item purchased through her online shop.

After graduating from Birmingham School of Jewellery with a first class honours degree, Hannah was selected for prestigious Bishopsland Educational Trust and South Hill Park Arts Centre residencies. Her award winning jewellery has been represented internationally and receives media acclaim.

“My collections are inspired by the ocean and organic growth patterns in the natural world. I use granulation to create raised, textured surfaces that entwine each piece.”

Hannah Bedford


Hannah Bedford is renowned for her work using Granulation, an ancient art form in which jewellery is adorned with fine granules of precious metal. The technique dates back over 5,000 years and designs from Eturia are particularly famous, in part due to the mysteries surrounding the process.

There are few true master-crafters of granulation today as it is an extremely delicate and time intensive process. Hannah handcrafts each unique granule on a charcoal block before they are cleaned and individually applied to form her complex designs. The bonding of these minute precious granules requires great skill and precision, a careful steady hand and, above all, patience.


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