Fadhel Mourali

collectible objects


Coming from a mixed background, with roots in both Sweden and Tunisia, Fadhel is intrigued by identity and finding that certain place of longing in his work. Working in between theory and practice, he explores storytelling through tactility in the hope to reach the core of a subject, to fully understand a medium or narrative.

Being trained as a hand weaver, Fadhel is driven to keep discovering the possibilities of material processes and how to translate them visually to create new meanings and concepts. Through in-depth research studies, he aims to investigate, question and develop these notions through techniques that can express contemporary narratives and functions.

“As a hand weaver, I am intrigued by re-contextualising traditional handicrafts to explore their contemporary meaning.”

Fadhel Mourali


    • Winner of Clothworkers’ Award at Cockpit 2021

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