Claudia Wassiczek

collectible objects


I am an artist making organic abstract ceramic sculptures and collage pieces. Originally from Vienna, I now live and work in London.

My work is inspired by the concept of time, its emotional and physical impact on us and how our perception changes as we age.
In my work I am examining the natural effects of fragmentation, disintegration, fragility and transformation. By revealing different layers, I lead the eye into the inner complexity of my forms, acting as a metaphor for the human condition.

I predominately make my clay body from scratch (mixing it up from raw-dry materials). This allows me to achieve and explore textures that are rough, sharp and surprising. The scale from intimate and hand held, to huggable scale, lends the work a sensuality.

I create a fragile boundary between curiosity and hesitancy, challenging usual perceptions of ceramics and expectations of the material.