Claudia Wassiczek

collectible objects


I am an artist based in London, originally from Austria. My artistic practice revolves around organic abstract ceramic sculptures and collage pieces that are inspired by the concept of time and its effects on our emotional and physical states.

As we age, our perception of time changes, and my work explores this complexity by examining fragmentation, disintegration, fragility, and transformation. By revealing different layers, I aim to create a metaphor for the human condition.

To achieve the textures and shapes I desire, I primarily make my clay body from scratch, mixing raw materials that enable me to explore rough, sharp, and surprising textures. The range of scales I work with, from intimate and hand-held to huggable, adds a sensuality to my pieces.

I enjoy creating a delicate balance between curiosity and hesitancy, challenging the conventions and expectations of ceramics as a medium.

“‘’I like to bring the outside inside, it makes me feel more connected with the outside world’’ ”

Claudia Wassiczek