Ama Adansi-Pipim

collectible objects


Designer-maker Ama Adansi-Pipim produces ceramic objects focused on cultural narratives, artefacts and the importance of home, drawing inspiration from her Ghanaian heritage, British upbringing and existing environment.

Ama’s creative practice consists of two strands: sculptural collectible objects and design products (functional ware). Both bodies of work use different processes of exploration and are either hand-carved or wheel-thrown, layered with engobes and muted earthy-tone glazes. Her shapes represent everyday pathways back home, interwoven with modernity and her cultural identity.

In 2023, Ama was awarded the Radcliffe Trust Emerging Maker Award at Cockpit.

“The texture of an object can tell a story worth a thousand words ”

Ama Adansi-Pipim


  • commissions
  • designing for industry