Allison Gomez

fashion and accessories


Allison Gómez is a Luxury Leather Goods and Accessories Designer Maker.
Venturing into her brand Ata Sué enables the fusion of PreColumbian history with a contemporary vision on accessories as wearable artefacts.
With a gap in representation of Latin American culture, cultural sustainability is imperative for Ata Sué with the aim to restore the wealth and relevance of PreColumbian history in our present day. The carefully curated selection of leather goods incorporates luxury technical camouflaging techniques with a modern approach to traditional leather crafting constructions.

Allison graduated from London College of Fashion, UAL with a First Class honours. She has also received the Jimmy Choo Dato Cordwainers Award in Leather Accessories Design and The Curriers Cup of Excellence in Leather Craft.


Allison is very diligent in the details and processing of every piece that is designed and produced. Thorough and informed research is the pivotal point which leads to ideation and 2D to 3D formation of an idea of a potential product. Silhouettes are of essence as well as the details and refined finishes that are considered along each stage of the sampling and prototyping stage.