How was it made?


This beautiful film, made for the Victoria and Albert Museum, follows Cockpit carver Clunie Fretton as she partially recreates the Grinling Gibbons’ limewood cravat in her studio using traditional tools.

Watch as a fresh block of limewood is meticulously measured, outlined, and then painstakingly shaped over a two-week period.

Using a variety of razor-sharp chisels, the complex form of the cravat is reproduced, along with the astonishing detail of its opulent needle lace.

As she works, Clunie explains her approach and understanding of Gibbons’ extraordinary achievement.

Grinling Gibbons’ limewood cravat was carved over 300 years ago. Celebrated for its amazing realism and the exquisite detailing of lace, it is a landmark work by Britain’s most famous carver.