Head, Heart, Hands


A new piece of public art is being created this year in Creekside, by local artist Amber Khokhar, celebrating the rich and diverse community of Deptford. The brief was to create an artwork, in collaboration with the local community, which embraces the transformation of Cockpit’s Deptford studios and continues the spirit of the Love Over Gold mural created here in the 1980s.  

The new artwork, entitled ‘Head, Heart, Hands’ will be made up of collaged triangular tiles, representing the rich mix of communities in the area.

“The idea is to engage local people by featuring landmarks and local figures and events, both historical and contemporary, like the Deptford High Street anchor. Some will be nostalgic, some touching and inspirational. Local people will look to see how many they recognise and share their knowledge with others. Newer arrivals will learn about the area’s rich history,” says Amber. 

The ceramic tiles will also have input from local children and community groups who have taken part in collaborative workshops led by Amber. Students from Tidemill Academy, St Joseph’s and Drumbeat SEN school took part, and there were hands-on creative workshops for people of all ages hosted by The Albany and Deptford Lounge. People taking part made line drawings to map their daily routes around the borough, and translated ‘Head, Heart, Hands’ into their mother tongue. All their artwork will provide material for Amber’s final piece.  

“For me the triangles symbolise humankind as a trinity of body, mind and spirit, our existence in the past, present and future, and our place in the heavens, earth and waters. As we project ourselves within this world, we take direction from triangles, as found on navigational compasses, symbolising a direction of travel and trade.” 

“In the mural, the triangles directed to the heavens, or the unknown, are a reference to Deptford’s maritime history as a starting point for exploration and trade. The triangles pointing down pinpoint our place now: all the variety and wealth that can be found in Deptford’s communities,” says Amber.   

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Head, Heart, Hands is being created in 2023, as part of the transformation of Cockpit Deptford and the creation of a new Deptford Craft Garden for everyone to enjoy nature and connect through craft.

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