Leatherworking with a Master Craftsman

By Yusuf Osman


Step into a magical studio and learn one of the oldest crafts known to mankind! Craft your own professionally finished leather goods using the same premium leather, tools and techniques used in my work. You will leave with leather goods as made by you and personalised with your initials or a message - the ultimate souvenir to remember your trip to London! Whether you are leather curious or a serial hobbyist - this workshop will make a leather lover out of you! We start by discussing my journey from lawyer to professional craftsman followed by a talk on the history of leather and its historical trade in London. We also have a comprehensive overview of tanning and current views on sustainability, ethics and welfare. You have a choice of items you can select from. These have been cleverly designed with a modern minimal aesthetic and are suitable for all abilities, ages and genders. You will work on the chosen project(s) with individual attention given throughout the class and we will finish by packing the item to take home or to give as a gift.