Masterclass by Marc Monzo “Leaf on the Tree”

21.07.2022 - 24.07.2022

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21.07.2022 - 24.07.2022


Katrin Spranger, Kelvin J Birk


K2 Academy of Contemporary Jewellery Cockpit Cockpit Yard/Northington Street WC1N 2NP, London

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Jewellery can be very stimulating when you choose to work with certain restrictions that force you to research a certain path. These directly affect the conditions of the object associated with wearability, weight, techniques and tools. Restrictions can have different origins such as the exclusive use of a material exploring its characteristics, but they could also suppress some of the conditions in which jewellery is worn. The limitations come from the context as well as from oneself, and in any case, we can celebrate and ritualize them. The choice of a path makes us responsible for everything and forces us to build an autonomous world. In this workshop, we will observe the dialogue between the elements that make up our jewellery and we will analyse their interdependence between body and wearer, process and production.

This 4-day workshop consists of a series of exercises in which it is proposed to work under specific parameters and constraints. Initially, a theoretical presentation will be made to inspire and introduce the students to the different exercises that will be carried out throughout the workshop. The projects will be guided by individual tutorials, technical advice and group discussions, where relevant issues related to our practice as jewellers will be analysed. The course objective is to stimulate and define the creative expression and aims to equip the student with the skills needed for the development of an individual visual language.

This workshop is led by the acclaimed jewellery designer Marc Monzo. He studied jewellery making at the Massana School in Barcelona, Spain. Marc is best known for his minimalistic approach and his twist on existing classical jewellery parts and how he repurposes them. His work is presented in galleries and museums in Europe, the United States and Japan, where he also taught workshops and gave various lectures. Marc Monzó lives and works in Barcelona.

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