Grillz Making Course at K2 Jewellery Academy

10.02.2024 - 11.02.2024

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10.02.2024 - 11.02.2024


Katrin Spranger, Kelvin J Birk


K2 Academy of Contemporary Jewellery Studio W11 Cockpit, Cockpit Yard, Northington Street WC1N 2NP

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Event description

Introduction to Making Grillz

10, 11 & 24 February 2024
3-Day Course with Melvin Faria and David Ogunleye

Day 1: Saturday 10th February, 10am – 5pm

Day 2: Sunday 11th February, 10am – 5pm

Day 3: Saturday 24th February, 10am – 5pm

Grillz, also known as ‘fronts,’ are decorative teeth coverings crafted primarily from gold, silver and platinum. They come in various shapes and sizes, accommodating the uniqueness of individual teeth. These fashionable dental accessories can be easily attached and detached, either onto a single tooth or multiple teeth. On this course you will learn the fundamental skills to make your own grillz.


DAY 1 & 2

First we will guide you through the process of taking dental impressions. These impressions will then be transformed into plaster teeth casts, onto which you will apply the wax or resin to create the desired grillz design. During the course you will learn two grillz-making techniques:

– The plastic resin technique

– The wax technique

To learn the fundamentals of Grillz making, on this course you will make a single tooth cap using the wax technique and single cap in resin. If time allows, the tutor may offer some tips on making other grillz designs, such as double-caps and ‘windows’, but bear in mind that because of time limitations, you may only be able to complete 2 single caps in total.

After Day 2, you will then be required to take the pieces you made on Day 1 & Day 2 to a casting company to have them cast in silver and bring them back for Day 3 of the course. There is a two-week gap between Day 1/2 and Day 3 to allow sufficient time for you to have the pieces cast.


On the last day of the course, we will focus on the final stages of creating your grillz- finishing the cast pieces and ensuring a proper fit onto the teeth.


Basic jewellery making skills and ability to handle basic jewellery tools (such as piercing saw, pendant drill/dremel, files) are essential to attend this course. The sessions are fast paced therefore there would be no time to show how to handle the tools. If you’ve never made jewellery you can gain basic skills for example on our 3-Week Saturday Workshop, 8-Week Tuesday Evening Workshop or 6-Week Monday Evening Workshop prior to attending the Grillz Course, or attend a beginner course at another school.

The cost of casting is not included in the course fee. Depending on your choice of casting company, the casting cost in silver is £18+ per tooth.

What should I bring to the course?

All tools and materials used during the course will be provided. If you happen to own an electric wax carving pen, you are welcome to bring it with you (optional).

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for jewellery makers who have a passion for custom, creative, and urban jewellery and are interested in adding grillz-making to their skillset. It caters both to makers who have never tried making grillz before and those who already have some experience but wish to enhance their skills and gain valuable tips from a professional grillz maker.

Basic jewellery making skills and ability to handle jewellery tools are essential to attend this course.

About the tutor:

Melvin Faria is a London native with a diverse African-Portuguese background. With relentless dedication and pursuit of perfection, he established his own successful grillz brand called Mpire Gold in 2021. David Ogunleye, Melvin’ collaborator, will join the course to teach the wax technique. David embarked on his own grillz-making journey during a similar period, and together they have witnessed the remarkable growth of their respective businesses in recent years. They are both excited to pass on the wisdom they have acquired along the way, aiming to inspire and educate students on creating top-quality, perfectly-fitted grillz.

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